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​​​​​​​"Jumping John Pearce"

​   Veteran of the sport, John Pearce, was destined to be a world class show jumper from the time he picked up the reins as a child.
 Debuting his International Grand Prix Show Jumping career in 1990, Pearce quickly rose to the top.  Through the years, he has staked a prolific claim on International circuits.  His accomplishments and victories include: representing his home country, Canada, at numerous World Cup Finals, World Championships, The Nations Cups throughout North America/Europe and was a member in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Australia.
Torching his opponents with the determination to win has led Pearce to acquire well over 100 Grand Prix victories on superior horses. Pearce personally develops horses from a young age and known in the Industry to take them to Grand Prix levels; "Super Trooper", "Spanish Eyes", "Vagabond", "Casper", "MoTown", "Harry Potter", "Urioso", "Archie Bunker", "Air Jordan", "Champaign", "Son of a Gun", and "Chianto" are to name a few.   

Operating in Southern California at his facility, Forest View Farm, Pearce continues his development of potential champions and riders alike!


  "I love this colorful and exciting sport!  I love the challenge of deciphering each personality I ride and what makes them confident and happy in their work.  

     I enjoy helping people in promotion and results!


Most of all, I feel blessed for the opportunity to do so." 

  1. Keep It Simple
  2. Keep It Real
  3. Make It Fun 
  4.                                                                                   -J.P.